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REGREEN: Client Education and Stakeholder Involvement

CE Credit: 0.1 CEUs

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Length: 1 hour

Course Code: CEU-102983

Engaging the homeowner helps the designer ascertain the client’s awareness level of green remodeling, commitment to sustainability, and lifestyle preferences. It also presents a convenient opportunity for education throughout the project. Conversations with stakeholders include not only the homeowner who signed the contract, but also project team members and anyone who occupies or maintains the space such as a live-in nanny, aging parents, and interior/exterior caretakers. This course delves into the language of sustainability and effective approaches to engaging and educating the client. By the end of this course, participants will be able to discuss overarching  sustainability principles and strategies with a client; confirm mission, goals and priorities that define the level of health and sustainability of a project; educate the client and stakeholders about products and practices that conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and contribute to healthy indoor environmental quality; and create a homeowner’s manual that highlights green features, safe operating procedures, non-toxic cleaning/maintenance practices, and healthier lifestyle choices. This 200-level course is part of the curriculum for the REGREEN Trained™ certificate program.

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Supplementary Materials

  • Homeowner's Manual
  • Operations and Maintenance